Have you been injured because of an accident involving a commercial vehicle and now need to retain the best Trucking Accident Attorney to protect your legal rights? Accident claims resulting from trucking accidents of this kind can be particularly complex due to the fact the liability of a business or a large corporation may play a part in the case. Instead of dealing with an individual driver and his or her insurance carrier, you may find that you are dealing with a corporation that may have an attorney or team of attorneys and an insurance carrier to handle claims of this nature. Their resources are often more extensive and they may have more of a vested interest in seeing that they or their employees are not held accountable for causing your accident and your associated injuries. This is in an effort to keep corporate shareholder profits up and insurance premiums down.
This Corporate motivation places significant danger on the law-abiding automobile drivers on the nation’s highways and roads. Our attorneys have fought to protect the rights of innocent drivers who have been significantly injured after a collision with a much larger commercial vehicle. We have obtained tens of millions of dollars fighting for our client’s rights and in an effort to keep the roads safe for the rest of us.accident Law

One of the most important things you can do if you are dealing with a claim of this kind is to contact a trucking accident attorney who is experienced in handling trucking accidents and commercial accident cases. We understand how these cases work and can provide hard-hitting, knowledgeable legal counsel to help you seek the full compensation you need – and deserve. Even if it means going up against a big company, we can apply the proper resources to seek the best possible result on your behalf.

Collisions between the Heavier Commercial Vehicles and Cars are Substantially More Deadly and Cause More Harm to Other Drivers on the Nation’s Highways and Roads.
Commercial vehicles are generally defined as vehicles used for carrying goods or, less commonly, fare-paying passengers. This definition may include delivery trucks, semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, buses, taxis, construction vehicles, 18 wheelers, gas tankers and all other vehicles that require a commercial driver’s license to operate.

Due to the fact that the Commercial Vehicles are much larger and heavier, they cause substantially more damage to the smaller automobiles and motorcycles that they share the Nation’s roads with. These collisions lead to much more severe personal injuries, and fatalities to the drivers and passengers of the smaller, lighter automobiles.

Driver Negligence and Improper Maintenance are Often the Cause of Commercial Vehicle Collisions With Automobiles.
Many of the drivers of Commercial Vehicles are paid for getting their cargo to its destination on time. This leads to drivers of Commercial Vehicles pushing themselves to continue to drive when they are too tired to safely operate such large equipment at high rates of speed. In addition, there is a large degree of amphetamine and similar drug use among Commercial Vehicle drivers in an attempt to keep awake to continue to drive to make their scheduled pickups and deliveries on time. This leads the drivers to operate their large, heavy vehicles under the influence and is often a contributing factor in commercial vehicle collisions and the resulting fatalities and severe injuries to the drivers and passengers of the automobiles that they collide with.personal injury law

In addition, it is relatively expensive and time-consuming for the drivers of Commercial Vehicles to adhere to the strict regulations regarding the proper maintenance of their equipment and many drivers cut corners in an effort to save money and routine maintenance is not properly performed. This fact also contributes to commercial vehicle collisions with smaller automobiles on our roads and streets. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an automobile collision with a commercial vehicle is seven times more deadly to the driver of the auto than traditional automobile vs. automobile accidents. These facts in their totality are frightening considering the sheer amount of commercial vehicles currently operating on our streets and highways; posing a real danger to the rest of us who share the road with these large vehicles.

The serious nature of these cases requires equally serious legal counsel. Contact a commercial vehicle accident attorney at our firm today for a free review of your case.

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