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Man Teaching 9 Year Old To Drive Is Arrested For Drunk Driving

Many people take their teenage kids to empty parking lots to teach them the basics of driving. While his wife was shopping, a man took advantage of the open mall parking lot to teach his daughter to drive “under the proper supervision,” as he told police.

We Can Help You Fight a Traffic Conviction

While driving through the picturesque scenery, a trip can quickly be interrupted if you are pulled over for a traffic violation. If you have been pulled over and ticketed, you should know that you can fight the traffic charge. Fighting a ticket or appealing a conviction may save you money in the long term.

The experienced lawyers of our Law Firm can help you fight a ticket or appeal a traffic violation conviction received in most state courts. Our firm has helped thousands of clients with a wide range of traffic tickets and moving violation charges.

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Traffic Ticket Violations and Misdemeanors
Our traffic violations attorneys defend clients against most traffic offenses, including:

Speeding and high-speed tickets
DWI and drunk driving
Driving while ability impaired (DWAI) by drugs
Aggravated unlicensed operation (AUO third)
Driving without a license
Driving without insurance
We have extensive experience defending Texas, out-of-state drivers, and drivers who have been pulled over.

Our attorneys handle traffic violation matters throughout all counties of Texas.

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Construction Defects Law – Common Problems

Construction Defects Law – Common Problems

Tile Installed Over Water-Resistant Gypsum Board (Green Board) Instead of a Mortar Setting Bed or Cementitious Backer Board

Tile installed over water-resistant gypsum board (green board) instead of a mortar setting bed or cementitious backer board is another common problem. An issue that, again, may not be easy to identify. The choice to use gypsum board or not, or to use any other method, is dependent on the contractor or subcontractor that does the job. More Information on this website
The builder and/or developer is responsible for hiring a contractor that is qualified for the job they’ve been chosen to do. Unfortunately, there are times when builders need to cut corners. They have a timeline and a budget, both of which impact each and every decision they make. A construction defect like tile installed over a water-resistant gypsum board (green board) instead of a mortar setting bed or cementitious backer board can be the result of an unqualified, substandard contractor. It may be difficult to recognize that this is the cause of your construction defect.

Any time you decide to begin repairing what you suspect may be a construction defect, it would be prudent to document any fixes or steps in this direction that you take. This would include taking detailed notes, taking lots of photos, and keeping all written documentation you receive from a worker/contractor.

Grade Slopes toward Building

When a grade slope toward a building, this could be an example of an exterior construction defect. When this occurs, you may experience drainage issues. Soil grading is an important step in the construction process. What kind of soil grading that is done can be determined or influenced by a soil analysis or soil preparations a builder and/or developer does before breaking ground. If the soil analysis was done improperly, if the soil was not prepared well, if the analysis was accurate but not followed, there can be a domino effect. The result in this scenario would be the soil grading. When the grade slopes toward the building, water may flow improperly causing water issues within the house or water issues with exterior structures like a deck or patio. If water is able to seep into the house, you could be looking at dry rot issues, mold or mildew issues, or other water issues.

These issues, improper design, or a grade that slopes toward a building can be construction defects that need immediate attention. Contact an attorney today to help you protect your rights.

Personal Injury Law – Vehicle Accidents

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Vehicle accidents can be devastating. When another person is a negligent or dangerous driver, and their behavior results in you or a loved one being seriously injured, you have a right to seek monetary compensation for your injuries. Erratic and hazardous driving or
inattentiveness while operating a motor vehicle often results in a severe or life-threatening injury. Unfortunately, the fact is that millions of car accidents occur every year in the United States. A vast amount of these accidents could have been avoided. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you need a qualified Vehicle Accident Attorney to help protect your future. We at our Law Firm have worked with accident cases for years and have the experience necessary to help you recover the damages you are legally owed. We have dedicated our practice to helping victims of various types of vehicle accidents recover damages for the exorbitant medical bills and property damage bills that often follow a terrible crash. Not only are you facing certain economic losses, but also non-financial losses affecting all car and motor vehicle accidents victims. Pain, suffering, and emotional trauma are all losses that cannot be measured in monetary compensation. However, with the help of your Accident Attorney, you can take the legal steps to recover compensation for your non-economic losses as well. We will fight aggressively for your rights and won’t stop for anything. Our clients are essential to us, and you deserve to be treated fairly. We will stand up for you and help you get what you are legally entitled to.

We will fight for you if you have been involved in an accident. The Car Accident attorneys at our Law Firm differ from other personal
injury firms:
We will always return your calls and emails and be available to talk to you and answer your questions.
We are a private firm, and you can have an actual conversation with the attorney working with you.
When you need help, we will be there to answer your questions.
You will always know the status of your case when you work with us.
Other law firms might shuffle you from associate to associate – this will never be the case when you work with one of our injury lawyers. We are dedicated to providing our clients with respectful and courteous service throughout our dealings.
We feel that you deserve nothing less than the best possible legal advice and representation.

If you have been injured in an accident, you can be sure that you can count on your Accident Lawyer to provide you with legal assistance and representation. We are fully prepared to uphold your high standards in the legal field by giving you unparalleled service and dedication to your case. We understand that it is difficult to suffer a severe injury, so we have dedicated our practice to helping individuals like you. The main advantage of working with one of our skilled Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers is that every member of our legal staff is dedicated to protecting and standing up for you. We know how stressful and traumatizing it is to be hurt in a car accident. We know that you are possibly going through unimaginable pain and suffering, which is why we are so committed to you and your cause.

Texas is not a no-fault insurance state. This means that the person responsible for the accident is also responsible for paying for damages. Texas’ auto laws allow injured accident victims to hold liable parties accountable for the damages they cause. It is best to
speak with a qualified accident attorney to get the compensation you deserve. We are familiar with the insurance laws and know how to handle all accident cases. If you have struggled with the insurance company, feel frustrated, or feel like you’re not getting anywhere, we can help you. Our accident lawyers are skilled and experienced in handling insurance companies and getting you the compensation you deserve. We know that the insurance company is just that – a company – and they don’t want to lose money any more than the next business. We know how to work with these companies to help get you the compensation you are entitled to.